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Welcome to Dream 9 Studios

This is the online home of the multi-award winning digital artist, Lizzie Prusaczyk. There are many galleries here to be explored and much to be discovered so please take your time. Feel free to browse the art galleries at your leisure then if you would like to buy high quality prints of your favorite artworks, visit the D9S Art Shop. Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy your visit.

D9S News

For all the latest news about Dream 9 Studios, see the posts below and stay up to date on all that’s happening.

  • New and to be ImprovedNew and to be Improved
    September 22, 2016
    I've been working on a new Art Shop to match the new/current Dream 9 Studios. The new shop has several new improvements on the software
  • Working On New ProjectsWorking On New Projects
    September 17, 2016
    Over the past couple of weeks, I have begun work or continued work on several projects both new and old. Here’s a quick run-down:
  • A New StartA New Start
    September 8, 2016
    After nearly a year of work, the new Dream 9 Studios is open and ready for business! Please let me know what you think of this new website
  • Setbacks And ComebacksSetbacks And Comebacks
    August 28, 2016
    I had so many plans in place (back in April) for what I was going to do for Dream 9 Studios 10th Anniversary which was June 09, 2016.

Current Shop Specials

Here you will find a quick listing of all the current specials, sales, and coupons that apply to all the shops that I sell products through including the D9S Art Shop. Click on a store title below to see the current specials.

  • A new coupon to celebrate the opening of the brand new Dream
    9 Studios website. Use this coupon to save 20% off any order
    from the D9S Art Shop. Can only be used once per customer.
    Expires at the end of September 2016.

    Here’s the code: N3WD9S20

  • The Annual Published Artist Sale is ongoing right now. I don’t think I’m part of it yet but I’m not sure. Here’s a link to my shop: Dream9Studios

  • Here is a coupon to celebrate the opening of this new Dream 9 Studios website that is valid only at my Etsy Shop. The coupon expires at the end of September 2016 and is good for 15% off any order.

    Here’s the coupon code: N3WD9S15

  • None at the moment.

  • None at the moment.

The D9S Art Shop

In the D9S Art Shop you will find a large selection of my artworks available as high quality prints starting at $11.50 USD each. More art products including those for fellow digital artists will be coming soon. Visit the shop today to see what’s available or click for the Shop News page.

Artwork Prints

Here are the three basic print sizes. All prints in all sizes are available on the following types of art paper at no extra charge: Metallic Paper, Satin Luster Paper, Archival Matte Paper, and Archival Canvas Paper. For more information about the artwork prints, click here. Canvas, poster, and more print products are coming soon to the D9S Art Shop!

08"x10" Prints $11.50

Smallest Print Size

Lowest Price

Sharp Detail

Ships Flat

Ready for Framing

Giclee Printing Process

Visit the Shop
11"x14" Prints $20.00

Medium Print Size

Better Value

Sharp Detail

Ships Flat

Ready for Framing

Giclee Printing Process

Visit the Shop
16"x20" Prints $40.00

Largest Print Size

Best Value!

Highest Detail

Ships Flat

Ready for Framing

Giclee Printing Process

Visit the Shop

D9S Digital Content Products

Here are the most recent products for digital art applications including Poser and Daz Studio that are available at stores including Daz3D where my products are under the vendor name Dream9Studios and RuntimeDNA where my products are under the vendor name LizzieP.

Hailee V4

With a unique custom sculpted face and her own unique teeth morphs, Hailee stands out from the crowd for both your realistic renders and those in need of a comic book style harlequin. Available now @ Daz3D

Buy Now

Hailee Addon Harlequin

Hey puddin’, need an insane harlequin to add some manic mischief to your artworks and renders? Look no further than this Harlequin Addon for my already awesome Hailee V4 character (Hailee V4 is required for this product to function). The Harlequin Addon includes ten hand-painted full face themed makeups with new morphs and loads more themed texture and material preset options. Available now @ Daz3D

Buy Now

Stella 2 Superstar

Stella 2: Superstar is your new definitive pop culture star for Victoria 4 with tons of options to please any avant-garde diva. She is a completely brand new character that was created from a blank slate. Available now @ Daz3D

Buy Now

Stella 2 Addon Horror

A horrific Halloween treat for the Stella 2 Superstar character! This addon includes seven new horror inspired makeup options plus new morphs, nail styles, full eye textures, eyelash styles and colors, angel wing arm tattoos, and more. The Stella 2 Superstar base character is required for this addon to function plus Victoria 4.2 and Poser 9 or up. Available now @ RuntimeDNA

Buy Now

Rickard 2

A handsome rogue with movie star looks, Rickard is the perfect addition to your renders. From action and adventure to romantic works, Rickard can play any part you need him to. Several texture options are included so you can customize Rickard to your every need. Available now @ Daz3D

Buy Now


A modern styled yet exotic beauty from the East, Miria is a new custom character for Victoria 4 and Morphs++. Her face has been custom sculpted to be truly unique while her body morph is dialed for ultimate clothing compatibility. Available now @ Daz3D

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Vespera is a pale and gaunt vampiress of the classic tradition with a multitude of texture and morph options. She can be a mystical human witch or a demonic vampire who’s just had a meal, it’s all up to you. Included are optional morphs for vampire teeth and sharp fingernail claws, many gothic fantasy themed makeups are included with mix and match lip colors plus a wide variety of other options. With her custom sculpted face morph, Vespera is truly unique and very different from all others in your renders. Available now @ Daz3D

Buy Now

Nicola 2012

Unique, the girl next door, realistic, imperfect, natural… all are words that describe Nicola, a new character for Victoria 4.2 and Stephanie 4. With photorealistic textures and two sets of advanced shaders, this little lady truly looks alive. Nicola is the kind of normal girl you pass on the street or run into at the mall with her realistic, custom sculpted morphs. Available now @ Daz3D

Buy Now

Nicola Goth 2012

This set is an add-on for Nicola 2012 which turns her into a pale gothic beauty with lots of bonus texture and material options that fit with the goth theme. Now the unique Nicola can be the supernatural kind of girl you run into on a full moonlit night or in your darker dreams. The base Nicola 2012 is required for this set to work. Available now @ RuntimeDNA

Buy Now

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